Hypo (MySpace) has blown me away. It's as simple as that.
The Parisian is -- simply put -- an experimental electronic artist, but man he's so much more ...
I'd compare this guy to Momus or some exceptionally ethereal, oblique, and heavily concept-oriented musician. Listening to this stuff -- which is sort of a combination of light dance electronic dance music, world music, and robot lounge trax from the future -- you can't help but be totally enamored with the pure thought and knowledge that went into every note.

"Naughty Place" -- from The Correct Use of Pets -- sounds like a demonic clone of an older Air track with a uniquely Japanese and/or industrial edge to spice up the mix. I cannot get enough of this guy's stuff ... it's all so driven -- take "La Heim" for example -- but by what?! It's clear that Hypo focuses heavily on rhythms to create and foster musical ideas throughout every song ... but the layering and textures that go over those rather avant garde drum patterns is ... mind-boggling.

Check out his discography and be prepared to be further blown away.
Hypo - Plastic Bag
Hypo - Naughty Place
Hypo - La Heim