Die Romantik

I love bands with history. Groups with a fun or funky or accessible sound or cute girl or guy pop up all over the place, but what about the back story? Unfortunately, either most bands don't have very interesting lives, or else we've just become disinterested in hearing about stuff like how Mick Jagger clipped his tongue and whether or not Jack and Meg White are married and if "Maps" really is about Angus of Liars.

Die Romantik (MySpace) has quite the back story. The "melody rock" NYC trio met way back in 1996 when they were all attending high school ... in Paris! Already they seem to fit their moniker, Die Romantik ...

The group plays these wonderful, brooding, grandiose and majestic songs that drift from classically driven piano lines to Radiohead-esque rock ballads to folksier efforts so seamlessly. The stuff's easy to take in and digest, but a delight to explicate and listen to over and over again. These songs seem to have so much depth, so much inspiration and character. You listen, and are swept away to some memory of your own or a fantastical place of your mind's own making.

They self-released their debut LP, Narcissist's Waltz, which you can purchase via PayPal on their MySpace page or else at Insound!
Die Romantik - Another Round
Die Romantik - Narcissist's Waltz

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been fortunate enough to see Die Romantik's live show in NYC and they blew me and my friends away. It's even better than their LP, which is saying a lot because I'm totally addicted to their music---as is everyone I play it for. They definitely have a bright and shiny future, if this first LP is any indication of what they are capable of. I fully expect to hear big things from Die Romantik in the months to come.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Die Romantik are heavyweights of sound. I have been following them for a number of years, dragging everybody I know to their shows making fans out of the lot of 'em. These cats are no joke. I had the chance to talk to them after their record release show at the Mercury Lounge earlier int he summer and they're no dummies either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, Die Romantik is awesome. My experience with their CD is the same as that of the previous commentator; everyone for whom I have played the cd--Narcissist's Waltz--falls in love with the sound. The music label that is able to discover these guys will have been very lucky. Die Romantik's future prospects are infinite.

Blogger blood said...

Absolutely,Die Romantik is fantastic,I love their music,and I particularly love Olie and Dominic's "Le Vol".


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