Monster Bobby

monster bobby
Everyone here knows the Pipettes, right? If you know the delightful U.K. girl group, than you know Monster Bobby, too! The "pop impresario" was the arranger for the Pipettes and is now pursuing his own solo career. On July 17, his debut LP, Gaps was released in the U.K. (with a limited release in America), and frankly, I'm sorry that an official release date has not been set for the U.S.! This is wonderful stuff!

Monster Bobby has been raising eyebrows in the Brighton scene (think the Go! Team here) for years now with his Phil Spector-esque style of production and twee yet anthemic and accessibly charming pop style.

Monster Bobby is another spectacular example of artists promoting a new sort of DIY, one that focuses on raw talen and skill rather than a desire to be famous and iconic. I appreciate the earnestness with which Bobby makes his music, and boy does it shine through with Gaps! The album, which is being released on Hypnote, is not to be missed, so check out a few tracks below and pick the thing up!
Monster Bobby - Beyong the Reach of Arms
Monster Bobby - I Heard You Moved Away


Mr Rossy said…
This is a really sweet song, love the chorus !!!
Anonymous said…
yeah, sounds like a swedish band, paddington d.c.