Magik Markers, "Taste" Video

I'm very, very psyched for the forthcoming Magik Markers album, BOSS, out on Ecstatic Peace! on September 25. From the little I've heard, the group -- now just a duo -- has become less noise-oriented a little more accessible, surprisingly. These are, no doubt, songs.

But they're songs in the way that Sonic Youth writes songs. They're footed in the no-wave movement, no doubt, with distorted guitars and thumping, primal drums leading the melodic and rhythmic way, crackled, yearning vocals, and an minimalist quality shrouded, misleadingly, behind fuzz and noise.

"Taste" is the single that's floatin' around the web right now, and a video just came out to promote the thing, too! It's a bizarre amalgamation of slow-mo live takes of the band playing and random, disparate clips of God knows what.

Oh, and this video is pretty cool, too ... Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth) talking about the awesomeness of BOSS.