Sally Shapiro Finally Hits the U.S.!

I'm all about imeem today!

Here's what I'm appreciating about 2007 in a nutshell: musically, people seem to be less ADD and nostalgic about uh ... ten years ago. Enough with the Cassette Playa-fueled Nu Rave, the spasmic artwork and garments of M.I.A. (I love you, M.I.A.!), and the lazy Pavement wannabes. I want some funk, some R&B, some ABBA throwbacks, so good ol' rock. That's what I want now, and it seems I'm gettin' it!

Sally Shapiro (MySpace) finally got around to releasing her spectacular Swedish disco-y -- and aptly titled! -- record, Disco Romance. It's been around for a little while, but hey, the whole idea of overseas releases is to breath a second, and absolutely worthwhile, second life into cool stuff! (I'm lookin' at you, Junior Senior.) The album will be released on October 30 via Paper Bag Records.

For fans of Annie (where'd she go!?) and St. Etienne, I present one of the best tunes on the LP, "He Keeps Me Alive"