Seattle's Welcome (MySpace) is a fantastic band and a fantastic find, one that I only wish I'd spotted back in March when they released their debut LP, Sirs on Fat Cat Records.

They play a sublime melding of the noodling, quirky, start-stop antics of Deerhoof and the Unicorns and genuine garage-y psychedelic rock. The bulk of the album's songs are rather short, clocking in around the two-minute mark, but never cease to impress and allure. The more energetic tunes are accented by sharp, wandering guitar hooks, reminiscent of the role Gang of Four's lead guitar played in their songs. The slower tracks are complimented with shoegaze-y female vocals or punkier, dragged-out shouts and an clean, crisp atmospheric feel.

This is, for me, mood music. It just sounds right to my ear and the odyssey of taking in the entire long-player is exciting: clearly, the production was well thought-out!

So check out a few songs below, but be sure to get the CD in its entirety! It's not too late to make up for missing out on this band back in the spring.
Welcome - All Set
Welcome - This Minute