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crystal castles
Crystal Castles has finally given in to the supreme amount of hype, press, and discussion they've been bestowed. I remember finding these guys right around the BiBaBiDi 2-year Anniversary, when they'd only done one remix (for HEALTH), recorded a few demo tracks in the dude's seedy apartment (I'm guessing here), and refuted any claims that the duo was indeed a band.

Now, after a myriad of concerts spanning the entire globe, an EP and split 7" with HEALTH to be released in the near future, and plenty of other things I've yet to hear about, they've finally broken in (down, perhaps?) ...

So that was the intro. Anyway, CC just sent me the remix of "Trash the Rental" by Soho Dolls (MySpace). It's great (of course), and exactly what you'd expect. Dance-y melodies hidden by an eerie filter of 80s arcade game glitchy synth sounds. As though a ghost had possessed the original game, Crystal Castles ... or something.

Anyway, enjoy the track, and get the EP (whenever it's actually released!) from Summer Lovers Unlimited (shop).
Soho Dolls - Trash the Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)


Anonymous said…
this EP is not getting in my veins fast enough

don't do drugs. bad ones anyway.