Deer Tick

Here's another summer come-down for ya ... Deer Tick. The Providence, Rhode Island based singer/songwriter, otherwise known as John McCauley, has been playing since April 2005 or so, but hasn't gotten around to releasing anything official until now! The full-length, War Elephant, is being released on Feow! Records on September 4.
And it's great.

But it seems as though I've failed to describe in any worthwhile detail what Deer Tick is and what McCauley sounds like!
This is Americana and country at, in my humble opinion, its finest. Americana to me means cheesy, folksy, schlocky acoustic guitar-drive crap, but McCauley's breaking those [false] preconceptions and busting out with a completely new and revamped definition of the genre. There's something earnest and sincere about Deer Tick's breed of guitar-based folk music ... something very old fashioned and therefore currently inaccessible.
His music, in short, sounds like lost gems of the '60s and earlier ... random country groups that shied away in the era of Elvis followed by the Beatles, the Kinks, garage, and oh-so-many-more-genres. McCauley, I'm convinced, isn't currently around ... he died well over 60 years ago, but for convenience's sake -- and to get a few records pushed out there! -- he's "come back" from the "dead," and now has an LP and plenty of much deserved hype and discussion.
Deer Tick - Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)
Deer Tick - Diamond Rings