Video for Nico Vega's "Cocaine Cooked the Brain (Guns 'n Bombs Remix)"

One would believe me to be the biggest Nico Vega (MySpace) fan in the world judging by these two posts. I would like to add this comment to the record: I am not. I'm truly intrigued and impressed, by the L.A. trio's efforts to break through into something more mainstream. They're integrating sex, pop, indie cred (cool remixes, synths, heavy beats), easy-to-remember lyrics (sing along!), and, uh ... cocaine so seamlessly! And for that, I give them kudos.

The Guns 'n Bombs remix of "Cocaine Cooked the Brain" recently got the music video treatment thanks to the wonderful talents of Demonbabies. It's a raunchy, energetic, and fun video, so be sure to check it out. And definitely pick up the 7" or digital single for "Cocaine Cooked the Brain" right over here!