Metronomy Tour Diary (August 4, 2007)

metronomy tour diary

Apart from the others moaning all the time, I'm quite enjoying the heat and this morning while the others slept I went for a stroll around Rachel's neighborhood in New Jersey. It was very picturesque. Lots of American flags outside the houses and i even saw papers on peoples lawns. The evidence of paper boys or girls actually throwing the papers from their bikes as they ride along.

Anyway, i found a store called "quick stop" a little bit like a wild bean cafe you can find in many garages in the U.K. but with a subway style deli counter. However the best bit being that you order on a touch screen selecting exactly what you would like in your sandwich right down to extra salt or pepper without having to talk to anyone. Brilliant! one for dragons den perhaps. We have a hotel tonight in Washington D.C. and no driving after the gig so I'm looking forward to getting drunk tonight.

--Oscar Cash