The Glass

the glass
Music is like language in the most literal sense. Music conveys thoughts, ideas, sentiments, feelings, cultural expressions; in short, everything that language is used for. From love stories to introspective broodings to grand tales to political slogans, music has the capacity to convey anything imaginable!

And, like language, music is completely subjective. Our ears and sonic processors in our brains have been conditioned in a way that allows us to make what would otherwise just be a jumble of sound waves ... sense!

Quite a rant, eh? A broad point to make for a post specifically about NYC's the Glass. I mostly wanted to just convey that the Glass is great for what it is. They're a post-punk, dance-y, guitar-driven group that plays real hooky tunes that would appeal across cultural and national bounds. That's the cool thing about music! It's a level playing field. We've all the capacity to hear and process music in a similar manner. We've all been brought up to hear songs like those by the Glass as being fun and nice and easy on the ear. Check out some tracks from their EP, Couples Therapy, on their MySpace and download an awesome mix by them below!

Someday, perhaps, folks like Black Dice and Gang Gang Dance and Wolf Eyes and Excepter and all those experimental bands will become hits. Maybe we'll move backwards, almost ... to the atonal, to the sounds that were around before the era of Classical music. But for now ... I'm diggin' the Glass.
the Glass - Live in NYC DJ Mix