Metronomy Tour Diary (August 2, 2007)

metronomy diary
I mentioned this earlier, but here's the refresher. The great U.K. electronic artist, Metronomy (MySpace) is touring the East Coast of the U.S.! He's finally crossed the pond and will be playing a short slew of dates that any fan must check out.
But what happens before and after the concert? For those of us curious to know the down-low on all, read below for Metronomy's tour diary, part one. More to come!


We arrived at Newark airport, New Jersey on Friday night.

The flight was very enjoyable: light westerly wind on take off, some beautiful Cirrus formations somewhere over the Atlantic and the kind of landing you wish your first flight instructor was there to see.

The on-board entertainment was in abundance. I watched Spider Man 3, a few episodes of the Mighty Boosh and 300. I believe Gabriel opted for An Inconvenient Truth.
I occasionally saw him looking out of the window from 30, 000 feet at the very ice caps Mr Gore was discussing. He had a kind of “looks fine from up here”expression on him most of the time.

We landed late in Newark, got into a taxi and headed for Williamsburg. We managed a few drinks with Stephen our manager, but me and Oscar decided it was bed time after a short while. Gabriel stayed out with Stephen for a bit.

It was a very hot nights sleep, but the electric fan 2 inches away from my face went some way to making it more bearable.