Clipd Beaks

The three-word-or-less "categories" that bands select for publishing right beneath their MySpace page names tend to either be ... not adequate or useful or else a complete joke. Yeah, right ... Feist does grime. And they just seem relatively pointless: what practical purpose do those dumb keywords play?!

Strangely, though, in the case of Clipd Beaks, the genres they've decided to attach themselves to on the web seem just about right! Psychedelic / Progressive / Thrash.
The L.A. four-piece plays this outrageously dense, psych-rock-driven-prog, thrash-y, noise-y, rabid music. It's wonderful. Layer upon layer of screams, shouts, murmurs, utterly distorted and detuned guitars and basses, simple, straight-forward drumming, all amassing into a strangely cohesive, edging on funky or psychedelic whole. You absolutely must give these guys a thorough listen. And do it on your stereo. And play it loud.

Lovepump United is releasing their forthcoming LP, Hoarse Lords, on November 6 so definitely pick that up when it's available and when you're tired of hearing the below songs on your teeny tiny laptop speakers. Both you and the band deserve much, much more. (Also, the packaging is stellar ... no barcode (take that, Man!), entirely hand-written in some bizarre sort of hybrid between hieroglyphics and English, with a bold aesthetic to tie it all together.)
Clipd Beaks - Black Glass
Clipd Beaks - Melter