Speck Mountain

speck mountain
"Liquid organ drones," "sacramental guitar lines," and and underlying "psychedelically corrupt gospel haze" are the three key phrases that ornately and aptly describe the Chicago group, Speck Mountain. Perfect.

Speck Mountain's music is a perfect addition to any summer come-down mix: sultry, flowing female vocals twisting and turning, gently wandering to your ears atop an overall hypnotic breed of psychedelic pop instrumentals as the strong backbone. Whether you're surviving a muggy summer heatwave or relaxing in a cooler climate, this music will magically calm you down while simultaneously giving you goose bumps.

I love it. Clearly.
The album, Summer Above, was released on Piccadeilly Records and is certainly a must. Check out a track below and get a hold of the wonderful LP!
Speck Mountain - Hey Moon


Unknown said…
Does Speck Mountain have anything to do with a race from Robin Hobb's Soldier son trilogy?