New Le Nombre

The punky, rocky, raunchy, terribly fun, and oh-so-sexy Canadian group, Le Nombre (MySpace), both of which were recorded with Sunny Duval -- of Les Breastfeeders -- on guitar! Quite a treat from the uh ... booming (?) Montreal punk scene.

The single will be released on the always wonderful Canadian label Bonsound (en Français!), which has quite a few more treats up its sleeve. The folks who brought you Malajube have far from fizzled out or become Malajube-centric: they're embracing a new breed of internationalism with a roster of mainly French-Canadian artists, most of whom sing in French, and all of whom play spicy, jerky, exciting, ridiculously awesome (!) punk or rock or some such vivid guitar-focused genre.

Check out one of the two new Le Nombre tracks, "Sur ton Ile" below!
Le Nombre - Sur ton Ile