New Tough Alliance

the tough alliance
The Tough Alliance just released a new single on their label, Sincerely Yours for free download.
Sometimes the aim for reality feels too unrealistic. Sometimes you have to indulge in sweet distractions, gentle escapes and beautiful illusions to be able to stand this excuse for an existance. Sometimes you're just too young.

You can find the thing here, but if you don't want to bother with downloading a .zip file, just grab the thing below!

The track is a sort of remix/collaboration with Taken By Tress, and it's wonderful. There's something folksy and sparsely organic about it that's really charming to me ... but on top of that, there's bona fide TTA floaty vocals, minimal yet confident and dance-y rhythms, plenty of reverb, and an underlying summery, beachy feel that's really difficult to resist ...
the Tough Alliance - Taken Too Young


The Lemur said…
Thank you for the blog! Love the music you post here and your accurate observations! Just so I haven't misunderstood you: you're not Swedish are you? One more thing: just curious, why do you call the blog Bibabidi?
Nicholas Mercer said…
well thank you, sir!
i'm flattered ... comments like yours are what make this all worthwhile for me!

i am not swedish, but wouldn't it be fun if i lived there ...

and why do i call it bibabidi, huh?
this i'm not too sure of. i wanted to make a name that had no meaning and that would hopefully be easy-to-remember ... something that would slide right off your tounge and stick in your memory.

i think at the time of the blog's creation, i was listening to that song from 'the wizard of oz' ... the 'bibidi babidi boo' one ...
i compressed the words and made ... bibabidi!
thanks for the heads up.
the tough alliance are really great.