Black Lips Do the Middle East!

the black lips
Black Lips are unabashedly destroying our notions of music, the Industry, and now, what touring.
The brash, ragged, tattered, torn and reassembled, untamed and feral throwback rock and garage of Black Lips is unmatched by any currently. They do nothing by the book -- not only do they don gold grills, partake in the illegal making of moonshine, release, as a debut, a live album (against the grain, that!), and disregard any structure and rules in general -- and that's really compelling to me.

Oh, and here's another one that ain't by the book ... the quartet toured the Middle East! Yeah. For real they did. You can hear "Cold Hands" performed live in Israel below. But they tore Palestine and Zion a new one, I'm sure. Probably too dangerous to let them loose any further east ...
Black Lips - Cold Hands (Live in Israel)