Clockclean Er

clockclean er
Sometimes, all I want to hear is loud, angry, sludgy, irritated, breaking-out, flailing punk. Noise, but not just random noise ... no, a terrain of noise, with some sort of structure, singing, voices, a drum routine; in short, some chaotic semblance of a song, but so, so far gone, there's barely anything to hold onto anymore.

Clockclean Er's (MySpace) latest did it for me. Now I'm fulfilled. The single, "Vomiting Mirrors," from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Babylon Rules (out October 3 on Load Records), is a page straight out of Flipper's book or something. Every piece of the song is on the verge of collapsing from the noise and internal pressur or going absolutely insane. It's great. I love it.

The international trio (the guy comes from Munich, the girl and drummer, Pennsylvania) will blow you away, if not from fear or shock, at least just from the sheer volume of these songs. Check out "Vomiting Mirrors" below.
Clockclean Er - Vomiting Mirrors