Aaron Schroeder

aaron schroeder
I tend to stay away from singer/songwriters. Too easy, I always think (but who am I to say, anyway?) ... too easy to come up with a good song, good lyrics, and good productions, but what's to see you apart? That's my warped feeling, at least, but thanks to guys like Aaron Schroeder (MySpace), I'm being convinced otherwise.

This Washington native is just really, really good and refreshingly unique and compelling. "What We Don't Know" from the forthcoming Black & Gold is a quirky pop serenade that I can't stop listening to. It's an undersold pop hit that literally everyone should be listening and dancing along to. That swing style of songwriting that's been popping up everywhere -- from London to Sweden to Washington now -- is solid gold. Solid gold, I tell ya. And Schroeder has tapped into a reserve of uh ... 24 karat stuff. (Was that taking it too far?)

Anyway, get down to this guy, he'll charm you and sweep you away, and hey, you've gotta agree, that's more than a lot of singer/songwriters can do!
Aaron Schroeder - What We Don't Know
Aaron Schroeder - The Mississippi Line