More Glass Candy

Talk about a tease ... Portland's Glass Candy hasn't released a whole lot of anything official in some time now. The web's a flood with demos, remixes, unknown tracks, and appetite-whetting tunes, not to mention a few hot numbers from the recent Troubleman Unlimited imprint, Italians Do It Better, compilation, After Dark.

But the lead up to whatever it is that the New Wave/dark/dub disco/no-wave funk ensemble (led by the Ida No and Johnny Jewel, who also produces the group's work), it's guaranteed to be spectacular: with every new song, the band gets more confident, brings out more killer hooks and jams, and truly never ceases to amaze.

What more could you ask for?

Anyway. Below's an array of bogglingly good songs. Dig 'em again and again and again ...
Glass Candy - Candy Castle (Demo)
Glass Candy - Geto Boys (Demo)
Glass Candy - Rolling Down the Hills (Demo)