Rats With Wings

rats with wings
Rats With Wings (MySpace) is a Brooklyn-based (big surprise there!) quartet that plays, for lack of a better descriptor ... indie pop. At it's core, this stuff is fun and a little folksy, with jazzier drumming, orchestral laptop-generated backing melodies, and a completely sincere and genuine approach as a whole.

At points, the electronic stuff can get a little too cheesy and the vocals a little too Chris Martin-y for me, but hey, maybe that's why these four are so endearing and real. They just released an EP, Tiny Guns, that is chalk-full of their goofy breed of indie pop, that you really ought to check out ...

But first, a couple o' samplers?
Rats With Wings - Everwise Muskellunge
Rats With Wings - Hungry Like the Wolf


Unknown said…
Rats with Wings seems like the type os band that i would see on imf.com, the international music feed. They kind of remind me of under the influence of giants.
Teté Almeida said…
nice nice
Anonymous said…
Don't nobody do no research anymore?

Rats With Wings is a long-time-in-the-making hobby-cum-main-concern started by Brendan Fitzpatrick (brother of Pete Fitzpatrick aka The Pee Wee Fist), once-bassist with Clem Snide before Eef had another one of his hissy-ego fits last year.

Anonymous said…
I very much enjoyed the listen. If you can say one thing about Rats with Wings it is that their music certainly does not smell like poop