Nico Vega's "Cocaine Cooked the Brain"

nico vega
Have you seen Nico Vega (MySpace)!? They're hot! They're really sexy! Three people, this sexy ... I'd imagine it's difficult to see them live; you'd be smothered by testosterone, lust, sweat, and some boomin' JBLs.

Sorry -- just had to get that off my chest. The girl's cute, man.

Nico Vega, signed to the spectacular I Am Sound Records, just released their single for "Cocaine Cooked the Brain," which was co-written and produced by Squeak E. Clean (the dude who produced YYY's second LP), and features a rad, just-can't-stop-pumpin'-you-up remix by Guns 'n' Bombs. A beautiful, tight, to-the-point, funky, straight-to-the gut, dance-y little package. A+ Nico, I Am Sound, and Guns 'n' Bombs, I say! This stuff is not only radio friendly in its infectiousness (those funky hooks, those strong, forceful vocals, those sharp guitars!), but perfect fodder for remix upon remix and your local dark, dank, and oh-so-hot dance floor.

Buy the single from iTunes or as a 7" directly from the label here. Stream 'em below!


Anonymous said…
damn, she's hot.