Blood Lines

Blood Lines is no more, but the Social Registry (one of BiBaBiDi's absolute favorite record labels) is releasing the group's debut LP, XX on October 9.

The band was much hailed for its collaboration with Gang Gang Dance and other NYC no-wave/rock experimentalist/noise musicians, although, to me, the band seems more on level footing with old post-punkers of the 80s like Wall of Voodoo or Bauhaus (or maybe some Captain Beefheart? Something from that era?) than anything else coming out of New York. Although, that's not to say there aren't a plethora of comparisons to be drawn between Blood Lines and other noise bands in the area -- from loads of distortion in every area to mystical, creepy instrumentation, eerie atmospheric qualities, primal rhythms, and an underlying not-made-for-the-masses quality -- they are undeniably in a realm of their own.

Check out "Only the Holy" from the forthcoming LP below!
Blood Lines - Only the Holy