The noise-y, dance-y, experimental L.A.-based quartet, HEALTH, just dropped another remix, this time by Curses!, as part of their ongoing effort to be remixed by literally every awesome DJ out there.

A valiant goal, and one that's going rather smoothly, I should say. First and foremost, though, HEALTH should be appreciated for its spectacularly spastic, seizure-inducing, totally raw and open, noise-dance. (That's a new genre in the BiBaBiDi dictionary, by the way.) It's truly a phenomenon to see these guys live. The drumming is like that of a speed metal band and absolutely impeccable, the guitar work is scratchy, jumpy, and refuses to be ignored, while the bass and other percussionist fill everything out, strengthen the rhythmic and [slightly hidden] melodic backbones. A spectacle.

Maybe you should get a glimpse of it all here.

And be sure to listen to the wonderful remixes ... and get a face melt from a few tracks off the forthcoming debut LP, out on September 15 on Lovepump United Records.
HEALTH - Perfect Skin (Curses! Remix)
HEALTH - Glitter Pills
HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)
HEALTH - Triceratops