Foreign Born Interview (Part 2 of 2)

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Foreign Born - Union Hall
(6) I feel as though Los Angeles is, unfortunately, an overall dull city for music. Too many bands copy each other, too many seek mediocrity, with high hopes of being signed and becoming the next Maroon 5 or the like. How do you feel about music in L.A. and where do you fit in? Any recommendations for our listening pleasure ... ?

I hear you on this subject. L.A. is an enigma that one can only really figure out by living here. I feel like the music scene in L.A. has been consistently improving though. When we first moved here, I was pretty hard up to even think of one local band that I thought was good. But now there's a healthy incestuous community of really talented people that are just playing all the time and it's great! We personally in FB have a few projects each that we work on outside the band including: Fool's Gold, Big Search, Ceramic Isles, and The Color Purrple. As for recommendations, here's a brief rundown of the greats: Luke Top, In Waves, John Webster Johns, RTX, Mountain Party, Women and Children, Darker My Love, Entrance, Glasser, Lion Fever, the Chapin Sisters. Great transients who were living here for a while: Cass McCombs, The Cairo Gang.

(7) I've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now. It's really cool how you're reaching out to your audience via the Internet and on such a personal level. This is rare with musicians and bands today, but certainly should be tapped into more! What inspired you to start the blog up and -- in on a broader note -- what are your feelings concerning the Internet and how it affects the music industry and the group?

We've always had pretty lame web sights as we could never afford to have anyone design one for us, so we figured it might as well just be a blog. Keep it simple. We used to only have band developments up there, but now it's up for grabs. The millionth forum to display one's thoughts. The Internet has created this maze of expression and communication that is just overflowing with opinions and ideas. I am personally still pretty tied to the physical world where I can enjoy a game of ping pong and a beer, and wonder sometimes if anybody reads blogs, because I don't really. I also feel a little pompous or something, writing things for other people to see. Expecting others to read and be interested in what I might write. So whenever I do write something up there, I try to illuminate something humorous or unique, something that might amuse or peak some interest. Lewis posts art that he likes, or comments on something that's going on. I guess it has a personal ring to it because there is no point in putting up more barriers between yourself and others.

(8) Now for a few random questions. Worst decision Foreign Born's ever made ... ? Also, any bizarre stories concerning the group?

Worst decision: Purposefully visiting Roswell, New Mexico. Bizarre story: Garrett ordered the Cod at IHOP once!

(9) What else -- if anything -- are you involved with these days? Any boring day jobs or *secret* lives that we wouldn't have known of?

I personally spend my time not getting hired for about every job in L.A. Apparently I'm not even qualified to walk or wash dogs! Meaning I do odd jobs here and there and temp work. I've done everything from delivering food to hospitals, to taking out the trash at movie premiers. I also do moving jobs with my mini-van through the Internet, which more often than not has turned out to be in the service of porn actresses ... who tip me with weed! Go figure. I am also trying to write and sell mainstream country songs ...
Ariel is a producer who's recorded such bands as We Are Scientists, The Blood Arm, and coincidentally, the number one song on the billboard chart! The Plain White T's, I think they're called. He did that one a long time ago. He also does a lot of production music for television.
Lewis temps as well, but is more successful, actually having retained some of the skills accrued in college. He also works on music for television and bar-backs.
Garrett used to mix paint in a warehouse, but now sells cars on the Internet, or over the phone or something!

(0) I think that's about it. Any parting words or comments? Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview and we'll see you live (or in record stores!) soon.

Don't mention it, a chance to probe one's own thoughts is always rewarding. Articulation is a dying sport.


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