The Slips

the slips
The Slips, a London-based two-piece, has worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Bjork, Massive Attack, and Marylin Manson ... so why haven't we heard of these guys yet? Truly a crime ...

The group sounds like a super sexed-up version of Simian Mobile Disco; a sort of melding of SMD and Chromeo or something (the Slips may in fact use more talkbox than Chromeo!)
Underneath that funky electro beats and sweaty, twitchy bass lines, there's a little bit of throwback Fatboy Slim there, too ... something edging on house but without the worthless irony or cheesy old skool appeal.

Below is a track -- which can also be found on the MySpace page -- that you must get down to, somewhere, before summer's up!
the Slips - Cadillac Crash