Steve Aoki Contest!

The New Year is officially upon us -- how's it feelin', folks? -- and we've got a contest that ... uh ... happens to be occurring early on in the year. I guess there's less of a connection that I'd thought there'd be when I started that sentence ...

Anyway, the contest is for Steve Aoki's new album, Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles (out January 22 on Thrive Records). We've got two (2) copies of the album (autographed by Mr. Aoki himself, I should add!) and two (2) posters for the record. So send yer entry emails to bibabidi@bibabidi.com, subject AOKI AOKI AOKI AOKI!, and you might just be one of our lucky winner, to be announced next Thursday (January 24). Be sure to send along your contact information and mailing address, too, since I'll be needing those if you plan on actually getting the prizes after winning!

Best of luck to you all! The album is surprisingly good (don't get too skeptical now!) and certainly the best mix CD to be released in 2008 so far (was that cute or just plain dumb?)

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Anonymous Gumbootboy said...

Finally a chance to see if he lives up to all the hype! Fingers crossed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wouldn't count on it...


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