Envelopes' Here Comes The Wind Offered for Free!

Woah, woah, woah -- wasn't expecting this one!

BBBD favorite Swedish indie-pop act, Envelopes are finally about to deliver their much, much anticipated sophomore album -- and follow-up to Demon -- Here Comes the Wind (out on Brille Records on February 18). I've been on these guys for literally a year, begging and pleading for more. The handful of EPs and singles didn't quite quench my thirst, though: I needed the album!

While we've still about three weeks until we can pick up a hard copy of the LP, the band has put together a free widget that you can get here. We've yet to test drive the thing, but you apparently get a sample of the record, exclusive songs, and much more with the download. Thank you, Envelopes! Not quite a Radiohead, but you're getting there ...