Pacific! Remixes

The Pacific! guys just sent me a few remixes of two of their songs that I'm really enjoying.

"Runaway to Elsewhere" has received the treatment from France's Breakbot while "Sunset Blvd." was remixed by fellow Gothenburg citizens the Touch. They're both very impressive. The "Runaway to Elsewhere" remix is a space-y, robotic ode to the original with a sexy Daft Punk twist. It's elegant but retains that original fun pop aesthetic that made the track so damn good to start with. The Touch's effort is a more straight-forward club edit that'll get you jumping up and down, bobbing your head to the beat, and air chopping with the audience.

The Pacific! vs. Radio LXMBRG tune is very good as well. It's somehow cheesier than the original song -- faux-metal-esque guitar riff; slinky synth chords -- but just as funky and easy to get into. Man, I love this band ...

Listen to more remixes here. Be certain to check out the Avalon remix of "Sunset Blvd."

Pacific! - Runaway To Elsewhere (Breakbot Remix)

Pacific! - Sunset Blvd. (the Touch Remix)

Pacific! vs. Radio LXMBRG


Anonymous said…
Love this blog...

always good stuff! thank u!!

Hey try to listen that, some brazilian producers, pretty good tracks!
The Lemur said…
Woot, thanks for sharing these tracks! Pacific! is Sweden's best band. No, seriously. Don't even get me started on Hot Lips.

Anyway, they're great remix material as well and I think that all their work is a little Daft Punkish from the very beginning so no wonder the dancefloor-friendlier remixes sound so.

Thanks a lot again, just wanted to stop by and say how much I like this blog: there's always interesting stuff here. And while the rest of us is still googling our pictures you're saving what's left of creativity with your excellent self-made post pictures. Keep up the good work!