Boy Genius

It's been a while since I've heard a really solid group that literally deserves the "indie-pop" classification. The "indie-pop" genre tends to cannot -- in its truest form -- sweet, lo-fi pop songs dripping with heartfelt yet not-quite-pitch-perfect vocal harmonies, joyful arrangements (often times supplemented with warbly horns of holey strings), and a bounce and bop that sucks you in partially because of the energetic hooks but mostly because of the earnestness in which the whole package is assembled. If that makes any sense ...

Anyway, Boy Genius, a Brooklyn quartet, is truly an "indie-pop" ensemble that evokes R.E.M.'s older material, Voxtrot on a good night, and some early New Pornographers demos or something. They're simple and to the point, characteristics that usually get to me for their tendency to not really fulfill me in any way, but I dunno ... Boy Genius just sounds so happy and excited to be playing these songs that it's not my place to call them out for not pouring money into production.

They're a lot of fun. You all really ought to check them out. Buy the stellar new "80s indie rock meets 60s pop" EP, Eureka!, over at CD Baby. It's worth it, trust.

Boy Genius - Radio Silence