Talk Taxis

Wow, late with the posting today! Sorry, folks -- I'm alive and well!

Talk Taxis is a London quartet that has the brashness and lopsided, helter-skelter stylings of Jamie T. and the poppy, radio-friendly hooks of Arctic Monkeys. Hey! That was a short one!

Really, though, this is a great band. They're energetic and poppy (duh), super catchy, and, I'm guessing, a bit of a British girl's heart-throb. The singer -- Tom -- has a great voice which, even if a little scratchy and on the rougher side, is really inspiring and strangely lovely when he lets loose. The drumming isn't anything too special, but it's tight and on-par with the rest of the foursome's super sharp and crisp playing. Solid bass lines that work in perfect tandem with the guitar melodies and vocal lines. There's this really cool symbiosis that exists within the band ... you can't help but feel like they're all accompanying each other. There's clearly a melody (man, the main hook from "Liverless" is rockin'), but there's this unusual unity to the songs that's rare in a band. I like these four a lot a lot.

Check out "Liverless" below!

Talk Taxis - Liverless


Anonymous said…
I was thinking of a way to describe why they are so good to my friend, and you've got them spot on, well done