Mahjongg Remixed by Clique Talk

Chicago's Clique Talk has changed a little since we posted about the group first. Now, Clique Talk doesn't really represent a group anymore. J.D. -- the original frontman -- has moved on to do club nights, some remixes, and other dance-oriented projects. He assures me that the band still "exists," but for now, I'm not completely convinced. And it's hard to complain about -- if he keeps sending me remixes like this one, a draft of his remix for Mahjongg's "Tell the Police the Truth."

The new Mahjongg LP -- out on January 22 (tomorrow!) is great. Stream the whole thing here. It's more tribal, more bombastic, more confident, more intriguing and exciting. The songs explode into lengthy percussion exposes, sing-alongs, killer riffs and jams, and shrink back to the seedling of ideas they once were.

The remix is a lot of fun. It's more ethereal and creepy that the original -- repeated, echoed drum routines; high-reverb vocals; atmospheric synth lines -- but just as exuberant and rhythmic. Check it out below. Keep in mind that the final version -- whenever that's out -- will most likely be even better.

Mahjongg - Tell the Police the Truth (Clique Talk Rest of the Pig Refix)