The Slips 7" Contest

Many months ago, BBBD posted about this great new London DJ duo, the Slips. The electronic pair make refreshingly sparse and atmosphericdeeply layered, yet clear and highly-produced dance music to distinguish themselves from the bulk of club music (AKA bombastic, spasm-inducing, sensory-overload-in-a-bad-way crap, 95% of the time). The Slips have just released a great 7" single on BBBD favorite L.A. label I Am Sound Records for "Girls At the Back Up." A really solid 7".

(As an aside, BBBD would like to think that we were, in part, responsible for the Slips' signing. We take pride in occasionally telling you all about music that's worthwhile ... )

Anyway -- as the headline indicates, we've a contest! For the new Slips single! Shoot an email over to with SLIP ME THE SLIPS as the subject. Be sure to include your mailing address so we can send our one (1) lucky winner the single and, if you're super nice, tell us how and where you found out about the Slips. The winner will be announced next Friday.

Check out a couple b-sides below, stream the "Girls At the Back Up" song, and stream/download the CSS remix of "Hot Hot Sex" over at the MySpace page. It's super good, man. Just buy it, why don't cha?

the Slips - Undiscovered

the Slips - This Time Is Not Your Own


Anonymous said…
sparse? common now mate! metro area is sparse.
that bass grind was sorta like a gravity/sonic black hole! =P