It's only January 8, and the year's already looking (a) very promising and (b) very promising for the Swedes (again!)

Here's another Hybrism gem: TIAC (MySpace). The band sounds sort of like old Magnetic Fields on a very happy day with an extra big dose of guitar pop, synth love, and more forward vocals. So maybe it's not all that Magnetic Fields-ish. There's a little bit of the Cure in there, but there's too much gloss and shine and production to justify a true comparison to the original mopers.

How about this one: Orange Juice plus the Cure plus Altered Images. Yeah, maybe that's a good way to put it. Light on the Orange Juice, heavy on the Altered Images. Regardless, the band's a tremendous amount of fun. An endearing sound that's filled with sexy hooks, excited bass riffs, and a bombastic wall of sound that washes over you like a pleasant summer breeze.

After listening to the two tracks below, pick up the CD-R release, Catalogue Of Failures, from which they're pulled over at the Hybrism shop ... it's a super limited release (just 101 were made!), so get your own copy before they're all gone!

TIAC - Better Days

TIAC - Catalogue Of Failures