Tiebreak is a space-pop/twee/experimental group from France which is, interestingly enough, signed to Escalator Records' imprint label, Every Conversation.

They just released a 7" single for their stellar tune, "Psychotic." The duo sounds like a loony Devo-meets-K-Records-meets-the-Dodos (does that shed any light on their sound?) They fill their songs with irritated distortion, bouncy, off-kilter synth lines, filtered harmonica, and mumbled lo-fi vocals. It's so supremely soft-spoken and modest yet unassumingly angst-ridden that I simply can't get enough. I need more than a mere three-song 7", damn it!

Check out a couple tunes below and buy the vinyl when it's available for purchase on Every Conversation's MySpace page.

Tiebreak - Psychotic

Tiebreak - Howdy


Anonymous said…
woaw! so nice !