The LK

I love this band's name! At first, I read "THE LK" as "THE ELK" -- funny how your eyes (and brain) can paly taht srot of tirck on you!

Anyway, settle down for this one. The LK (MySPace) is a super-melodious experimental/glitch electronic pop act out of Malmo, Sweden. Had they popped up a little earlier, they would've been on the Caribou/Manitoba bandwagon. Had they congealed earlier than that, these two would've been an integral part of the IDM scene (how cliche does that classification sound now?) Fortunately, they're making music in 2008 and don't really subscribe to any one genre (who doesn't!?) ... or at least neither of the two aforementioned ones.

Equal parts emo-leaning Junior Boys, hook-driven Ratatat, and atmospheric experimental, the LK will surely pull you in for the sheer quality of their synthetic doodles, cavernous computer "paintings" (yes, I'm calling these songs paintings and doodles). None of the songs from Vs. the Snow suffer from want of ... anything. They're overflowing with bizarre samples, moody, brooding soundscapes, and lovely, thin vocals that all coalesce into this overwhelming pile of sound. They are very cool.

Vs. the Snow sold out in Sweden (allegedly), but lucky for us Americans, it's been picked up by Washington D.C.'s Kora Records, and will be released on March 3, so get it there! The pair's also touring the U.S. for a month or so starting on March 7 ... find more details (when posted!) on the MySpace page.

the LK - Blakboy Vs. the Snow

the LK - Private Life Of A Cat


Anonymous said…
"vs. the snow" is totally gear. i love it.
excited for the american release. so i can get my hands on an actual copy!