Bot'Ox is DFA's imprint label, Death From Abroad's latest signing, and what a signing it is! The Italian electronic act sensually churns out these phenomenal long-playing club tracks that sound like some sort of heavenly Kraftwerk-meets-LCD-Soundsystem hybrid. Extraordinary stuff, really.

"Babylon By Car" is this subversive prog sort of dance tune that, over the course of nearly eight minutes, crescendos into at least a dozen different "sections." The track keeps you guessing -- with so many awesome layers and elements converging every second, how can you not!? -- and bobbing along to the steady, throbbing beat. Pure funk-infused dance music genius. "Tragedy Symphony" is a more robotic jam that reminds me a little bit of a darker Fujiya & Miyagi or something ...

Esoteric, dark, brooding disco prefab for the 21st century. This is boss stuff ... switch on that stereo, turn up the Bot'Ox jams, and be pulled into a hazy jam for a solid fifteen minutes. Better yet, pick up the vinyl when it's made available ... really, you need to hear this on some h-fi wax.

Hail DFA -- they will never cease to amaze.

Bot'Ox - Babylon By Car

Bot'Ox - Tragedy Symphony