Spitzer Remix Kylie

As with every (*ahem*) desperate pop star trying to straggle a hit or two out of the new album, Kylie Minogue (MySpace has remixed the hell outta her new material. First a Studio remix, then Big Face, then a billion more I didn't hear, and now, a great one by the French duo, Spitzer.

The two brothers who comprise the ominously named Spitzer (sorry -- I just think it's too foreboding in nature; the name deserves italics) sent ripples through the blog-o-sphere when they sent out a couple ace tracks to a couple ace blogs and requested a post. This rarely happens, but ... Spitzer wound up being pretty damn good! Re:
The blogosphere was amazed by the twilight dark ambiance and the frenetic robotic sound of some of their tracks available on the Web. Understandably backed up by the whole electro Lyon community, booked by the Festival des Nuits sonores, they were also called by Kylie Minogue to create a crazy remix, that is still very secret. Track after track, Spitzer creates a new map without boundaries nor rules, frenetic and grandiose techno music set in between Nathan Fake's grandiloquence and the rhythmic scathing of Trentmoller. Sought by many labels, Spitzer is already cooking some new remixes and is working to finalise their first EP, "Roller Coaster". The two brothers will also start an Australian tour beginning April 2008. The two Spitzer brothers will road trip from one club to another and get the dance floor groovin'."
I guess they're good. 'Nuff said.

Kylie Minogue - In My Arms (Spitzer Remix)


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