Kotki Dwa

I really enjoy bands like Buckinghamshire's Kotki Dwa (MySpace). Bands this creative and fun and talented seem to be extra rare in the U.K. (by my estimate, there is one truly talented and good band for every fifteen or twenty "trendy" uber-young group: this is the fodder that keeps the hype machine running smoothly, though, and makes groups like Kotki Dwa shine and stand out).

Right, I'm neither old nor bitter, so I shouldn't talk like that.
Kotki Dwa is a colorful, energetic, and heart-wrenchingly earnest and honest band that I would kill to see live ... although perhaps playing a small bedroom gig or loft party would be more fitting for these three lads.

The music is loaded with quirky synth lines, filtered guitar hooks, and swingin' drumming that makes you first tap your foot, then bob your head, and finally jump up and down to the beat. Unfortunately, the trio's only got a single out at this point, so good luck sustaining that heartwarming and exuberating dance for more than eight minutes.

May these guys live long and prosper. They've certainly got it all right now: a heartthrob singer with a great voice to boot, phenomenally constructed hooks and riffs, a clean and crisp sound that never settles but sounds familiar enough to draw you in, draw you in, draw you in ...
Oh, and in terms of their visual aesthetic, they're covered there, too! Check out the fantastic page for the Robin's Clog single. What a video (view it after the jump, too)! What fun illustrations! What an exciting band! Enjoy "Robin's Clogs" for streaming ... maybe someday the band'll let me put an MP3 up for download. But for now, just support them, love them.

"Robin's Clogs" is the band's 30th track to date! You can preview and buy them all here!

Kotki Dwa - Robin's Clogs

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theneedledrop said…
This is great. UK groups just have such a clean and smooth delivery that I can't describe.