HEALTH Interview (Part 3 of 3)

Q: You get a lot of attention for being a phenomenal live band. What do you try to do when you're on stage and how does it differ from your studio recordings? Do you try to differentiate the two?

JOHN: There is a difference, and some of it is intentional, but we don't think of the two as totally different things, I'm sure if there was a producer involved, some songs would be slowed down for the record that are much faster live, but the live songs and the recorded are very similar. Were allowed more crapulence with overdubs and such. Live there's a different NRG arc in the sequencing, some things get you off differently recorded vs. live.

Q: And more generally -- how's touring been for you? You've hopped around a few continents now and seem to be garnering quite a following. How's the touring life treating you? How're you liking it?

JOHN: We've always been touring, before we had a record, or fans or anything. So were pretty used to and get antsy staying at home. We generally love tour, but it does kick yr ass. The upcoming tour with Crystal Castles through central Canada in winter were expecting to run our asses ragged.

Q: As a band signed to a small label [Love Pump], how do you think the music industry at large is treating smaller groups and labels? Do you think the current environment is overall helpful for independents or is it still tough to "make it" today?

JOHN: I think its easier than ever for independents to "make it" today then ever, but let me clarify that "making it" is being known, not like making it rich or nothing. The interweb, dood.

Q: Any projects coming up that we should know about? Collaborations, forthcoming releases, music videos?

JOHN: 7" singles and 12" singles w/ originals and remixes, in limited colored vinyl pressings. There will also be a HEALTH//DISCO album in early '08 on Lovepump United, it will be a remix album, but a lot of care is going into it, it wont be just a comp of remixes. There will be some enhanced CD content too. Dan Deacon mentioned he wanted to collaborate sometime...but given his schedule that will be sometime in 2019.

Q: Thanks so much for talking! You make me proud to be in L.A. -- just when I'm starting to feel down about the health of the music scene around here, you pop up and make everything better! We all hail HEALTH!


HEALTH - Triceratops

HEALTH - Perfect Skin (Curses! Remix)

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