MGMT/Yeasayer @ the ExPlx, 01.26.08

Crap. Rubbish.

Gahhh ... MGMT sucks, man.

Who the hell books MGMT after Yeasayer (MySpace)!? Bah. How lame.

MGMT - Time To Pretend

Yeasayer - Final Path


Anonymous said…
Well at least one person reads your blog. (It's you.)
Anonymous said…
I agree haha, just kidding. Keep up the good work!!!
Anonymous said…
Uh... I'd never heard of yeasayer before, but listening to this trakc, they sound like crappy 80s radio pop rock ala scorpions or some crap. I can't believe MGMT would let them share the same stage with them.
Nicholas Mercer said…
Man, the anonymous haters are out and about at BBBD today!
kolby386 said…
Wow! A decent quality download of the original version of "Final Path". Could you PLEASE email this to me? It doesn't seem to want to download properly (404).