New Moto Boy

The stupendous Swedish crooner, Moto Boy, just released a new song, "Young Love," on the great record label, Songs I Wish I Had Written. I love this song. Had it come out a few weeks ago, I can guarantee it would've made one of my year-end lists.

A serene melding of Freddy Mercury's vocal talents, the feminine side of David Bowie, and the briskness of great New Wave originators like Echo & the Bunnymen or heck, early U2. This song, this "Young Love" song ... is solid gold.

Download it. Listen to it at least ten times. It'll cradle you to sleep, perk you up when down, or just relax you, wind you down. A beautiful plucked guitar riff, simple, quasi-psychedelic drumming, swooning Beach Boys backing harmonies ... a terrific package.

Hopefully the label'll release a single for the song that you can actually buy ... but until then, we're subjected to listening to a lower fidelity digital download. Damn.

Moto Boy - Young Love (Short Version)


Atish said…
u got great taste :) have listened to most of ur recos.. and loved them all :)
keep posting....