There's a new garage group that's tearing up Sydney, and soon, the whole world if all goes to plan! CHAINGANG -- comprised of members from Pinky Tuscadero, V'Vaars, and Russian Brides -- sounds like the spastic, brash bar band rock that was Joan Jett or the Runaways mixed with the tribal delight of Siouxsie & the Banshees or something (remember their great drummer/Siouxsie's husband, Budgie?)

Gothic Blondie. I dunno. It's rad, it's rockin', it's flailing down the streets with pants down, it's hooting and hollering, kicking and screaming. Let me go and bang my head to this stuff -- maybe you all should follow suit. Be prepared for CHAINGANG -- they're soon to embark on a slew of shows in Australia ... hopefully America will be next!

CHAINGANG - Get Off My Stage (Demo)