Proyecto Batidora by Buffetlibre

This is a new one for me so let's hope I get the facts straight (but keep in mind that I'm working with a lot of Spanish text here).

Okay, Buffet Libre is a music blog/magazine that -- while I've not investigated too much -- looks really, really solid. Good coverage, good topics, interesting collaborations, good recommendations. Right up my alley!

So ... Buffet Libre just put together a killer mix of remixes called Proyecto Batidora #147. Or at least I think it's #147. All you need to know is that P.B. is a series and B.L. represents a whole pile of DJs who tour around Europe as a group. I'm going to stop trying to explain here ... I'm sure one of you lovely readers will (a) catch mistakes and (b) amend my post, anyway. So check the comments, folks!

Download the mix right here. It features remixes of the likes of Das Pop, the Go! Team, SHITDISCO, the Toxic Avenger, and a few more. Below is my favorite remix -- Mojib's edit of the Go! Team's "Grip Like A Vice."

the Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice (Mojib Remix)


The Lemur said…
Isn't it like just two DJ's? And they like let other artists choose tracks in their Verbena Selected series, I think there's two this far. And Proyecto Batidora is like a remix project of theirs where they let anyone send in a remix of any of a bunch of songs.
Water Lion said…
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