Sadly, New Orleans' Quintron (MySpace) has passed under my radar until ... now. Quintron -- the inventor of the Drum Buddy (which you can read about in depth here ... and even buy for a mere $5000!) -- plays this quirky electronic music that sounds like equal parts Sparks, Numbers, They Might Be Giants, DEVO, and maybe a little bit of the kinky and unorthodox sounds of Negativland or something. (P.S., Laurie Anderson bought her very own Drum Buddy! I want one, too!)

It's really fun stuff to listen to. Jovial, energetic, circus-y, mildly mind-bending (mildly, folks ... don't expect LSD to pop out of your speakers) ... just a pleasure to put on.

For various reasons, I'm on a lot of pain killers for the next couple of days. Maybe that's part of the reason why Quintron sounds so good right now. Makes me think of polka dots and laughing clowns and wacky stuff like that.

Buy the new Quintron EP, Jamskate, as well as everything else he's produced right here. Guaranteed fun for hours.

Quintron - Jamskate


theneedledrop said…
This is the drum buddy, and this is the record of the drum buddy.
Anonymous said…
I'm listening and now you've got me imagining LSD emerging from my laptop's speakers. Damn you.