Mojib (MySpace) is a Swedish experimental breakbeat outfit that's really ... sweeping me away right now. The Gothenburg artist sounds like a sublime cross-breeding of dark, atmospheric acts like UNKLE, the Avalanches, Boards of Canada, and RJD2 on the glitchy, electronic, free jazz side of things and Asobi Seksu and like shoegaze bands on the other end. A really amazing and heartwarming sound.

Remember that UNKLE song that Thom Yorke sang on? "Rabbit In Your Headlights"? That's what Mojib reminds me of. Stunningly beautiful.

You can pick up a digital or hard copy of the album, Whimsical Lifestyle, for a mere $9 right here. It comes highly recommended. The title is an apt way of describing Mojib's sound and aesthetic -- with a light-hearted whimsicalness, the eleven tracks just float by, wrap themselves around your ears, calm you down, and ease the tension. If you're looking for something to keep you chill while keep you guessing what the next bar, refrain, or song is going to sound like and truly keep you stimulated, Mojib is your guy.

Mojib - Underneath


Anonymous said…
Did you know that this track "Underneath" is just a (not so good) copy of the original french artist SEBASTIEN TELLIER's song "La Ritournelle" ?

Another french guy (_f) who likes BBBD
Anonymous said…
Ha, before I saw your comment, I thought to myself... "Hey, Mojib... Sebastian Tellier wants his "La Ritournelle" returned."

so lame in fact, the post probably should be deleted,

Ben List said…
I don't know the story on this particular track... it is pretty blatant. But I have heard some really great songs from this guy that seemed much better. It probably would do the guy better service to introduce one of those instead.
Nicholas Mercer said…
I didn't realize the S. Tellier connection there. Wonder why Mojib/his reps didn't make that clear. And why they refused to let me use anything but "Underneath."

But Hector -- delete it? Ouch.