I'm sure I'd have more to say about the Swedish group, Rigas (MySpace), had I received an English one-pager from the group, but alas, all I got was the untranslated Swedish version.

No matter, though ... the music speaks for itself! Equal parts Klanguage (hard, sharp beats; jovial vocal harmonies), Tom Tom Club (edging-on-cheesy club pop aesthetics), and the Embassy or the Tough Alliance. Quite a package!

The ensemble just released the phenomenal debut LP, The Hardest Pocket To Pick, which you can buy here or here! It's infectiously catchy and nonchalantly fun and hooky; an superbly constructed dance LP from the cold North! A refreshing change from the usual super-cute Swedish twee pop that's plaguing us! Ahh!

Rigas - Dead Like You

Rigas - It All Falls Apart