The Depreciation Guild

While I can't help but wonder if this strategy is really working, I do admit that I'm a big fan of any band who offers their music for free download, especially when that music is in an album package, with artwork and all. Additionally, the groups taking this route seem to be getting increasingly better, which is heartening, a good trend.

The Depreciation Guild (MySpace) has their album, In Her Gentle Jaws available for free download right here (click the yellow bar of just grab the ZIP here). It's a very solid effort. I never thought that 8-bit, jagged electronics, harsh drum machines, and shoegaze could merge so effortlessly and with such a beautiful result. Let's call it industrial shoegaze.

The Brooklyn-based band sounds like apost-apocalyptic My Bloody Valentine that's been hacking around with synthesizers, drum & base production equipment, and Atari-chip filters for ages. In Her Gentle Jaws is mesmerizing. Download it immediately, sit back, and let wave upon wave of serene yet angst-ridden guitar walls, bombastic drumming, and swooning vocals flow over you ...

At least sample a couple tunes below.

the Depreciation Guild - Darklooming

the Depreciation Guild - Nautilus


Anonymous said…
i love this band.
nuclr said…
yes, indeed, very powerful album