I'm trying to relax, here! Trying to just kick back ... chill out ... loosen up ... ach, too much stuff, stuff, stuff. It's all welcomed -- so don't get me wrong -- but I feel like I could use another break even though I just had one what? Two weeks ago?

Right -- so to combat my growing angst and the hectic days, I'm listening to France's delightful Orouni (MySpace), a twee pop group with some folk undertones and major light-hearted overtones. I like them. They're especially cute, especially catchy, especially un-nerve-wracking and intrusive. They just fade into the background ...

That's not to say they don't deserve your concentrated attention, though! Orouni is a wonderfully energetic and exciting indie-pop group that just ... might get a little over-excited at times. They speed through songs, sing off key, and strum their guitars a little bit ahead or behind of the beat. But it's all done with such earnestness, with such an honesty and authenticity that it's really hard to not let them into your heart ...

So immerse yourself in them. Listen to the below two songs (unreleased as of yet -- next LP, folks!). Buy the old stuff here. Precious.

Orouni - Open It In May (feat. Mlie)

Orouni - Panic at the Beehive (feat. Mlie)