Flamingo Crash Releases Debut LP

BBBD wrote about Australia's Flamingo Crash (MySpace) a while back ... and actually did an interview with the quartet almost exactly one year ago! We still love 'em, and now that the foursome's released Triangle Island, their debut LP, they're taking up much too much playlist time once again.

The record -- which seems to have been recorded in both Austrlia and NYC -- is a more assured and confident release than the previous singles. It's sharper, more rhythmic (woo! jungle beats), and funkier, dancier. The record's ... a lot of fun! At times they sound sort of like the Rapture circa 2003, at others more like XTC or Wire or something "smart" like that, and at others still, more like their fellow Aussie musicians Architecture In Helsinki or something along those quirkier lines. (Is it just us or do most Australian bands have this cutesy, lo-fi thing going on?)

Check out a few songs below. (We're not big fans of the title and lyrics of S.T.F.U. -- what that the abbreviation for, folks? -- but hey, it's a good jam.)

Flamingo Crash - S.T.F.U.

Flamingo Crash - Shoot the Lights Out